Conference Papers by I. Korshunova

I. Korshunova, H. Xiong, M. Fedoryszak, and L. Theis
Discriminative Topic Modeling with Logistic LDA
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 33, 2019
#lda #bayesian inference #topic modeling
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I. Korshunova, W. Shi, J. Dambre, and L. Theis
Fast Face-swap Using Convolutional Neural Networks
International Conference on Computer Vision, 2017
#face-swap #cagenet #deep learning


L. Theis, I. Korshunova, A. Tejani, and F. Huszár
Faster gaze prediction with dense networks and Fisher pruning
arXiv:1801.05787, 2018
#pruning #fisher information #saliency
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